Hi, name's Matlalihuitl. Feel free to call me Matla or Bold & Brash. I'm fine with either~

At heart, I am an artist who enjoys many things. I view art as a personal way to allow the world to see what I see, whether it is sweet or morbid. I'd say about 98.5% of the stuff in my blog is things I draw and make. I rarely reblog here.

I draw a lot of random stuff, fandom or original; its all art is 100% by me unless its done by a friend or a reblog.

Food for a thought?

So while searching through tags on tumblr of a few of my favorite ATLA and LOK characters, I keep having to run into a bunch of daddy issue type of posts. As much as I don’t really seem to know why a lot of the characters seem to be having a lot of these daddy issues, I really do think it does help in development of a character to help shape them up and provide a deeper back story for them to maybe explain their actions and thoughts throughout the series.

But that is not my main point of the thought here, however. While on my search, I constantly find that most continue to write that Ozai will always be the number one worst father ever because of what he’s done throughout the series; which, by the way, also gains him the majority of being the least favorite throughout the series as well. While I do not mind that most seem to dislike or even hate him, I can’t really help but feel a bit of injustice to one of my favorite characters to keep on gaining this much hate because he was just so bad (but also because a select few seem to find a reason to bash on others for liking the characters they like as well).

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